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Day 10 - Cannabis World Summit

2013 Summit Go To Day: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

So here we've come to the final day of the 2013 Cannabis World Summit! These are the last speakers, but they certainly aren't the least. Today we have a few great interviews for you to enjoy and below them is the Summit closing speech, along with a few other things, such as a short explanation about the missing speakers, and an invitation to participate in next years' 2014 Summit event. We hope that you've enjoyed this first annual event, and invite you to send us an email to to share your thoughts of this event, including your suggestions on how you think we could improve for next year, topic ideas, and of course we thrive upon your compliments.

BONUS!!! Just received an email from Bad Kitty Smiles at 1pm (Eastern Time) and she just sent in the last video of her series, and am quickly uploading this here for all of you to enjoy. Next week I will reorganize all of her videos, placed on the Day 5 page, but for today this is being tossed up immediately minutes after receiving it myself. Kat thanks again! Please see the praises about you a bit lower down this page.

Our first featured speaker today is Julia who has created the tribute website in memory of Peter McWilliams. He was author of over 40 books, many of which were of great help to people, and towards the end of his life he became a prominent cannabis activist. Please read more about him below, and listen to the interview to understand why this great individual is being honored in this way. Furthermore, we intend to make this a yearly feature of the Summit, honoring a great person for their significant cannabis activism and/or contributions to the world. Next year we intend to do something special in honor of Jack Herer.

Amanda Hitt has been a fabulous cheerleader for the Summit, letting people know about this event with great exuberance, and she has been helpful behind the scenes. Her personal journey with breast cancer, in conjunction with her personality that devours knowledge and her passion for sharing her wisdom, has led her to becoming a great cannabis advocate. She connects with people, truly sharing herself freely, and she certainly exemplifies her favorite phrases, which she shares in her interview. She is worthy of following in her social media web to connect with other great people involved with both cannabis and cancer.

We also have a last minute addition with the interview of Filmmaker Shayne Metcalfe discussing his cannabis documentary, titled "Bad Seed", which is set to be released this summer. Below are two teaser video clips about the movie, and of course you may listen to the interview to find out even more. We need more great documentaries such as "The Union", and several others, and we are eagerly looking forward to this release.

In addition to the closing speech for the Summit, we want to express our immense gratitude to EVERYONE who was involved in the first annual Cannabis World Summit event. All in all there were 33 people interviewed for this year's event, but there were even more people who were involved in some way that you simply don't see. To all of them we blow our kisses of gratitude for all their help in whatever ways they participated (there are too many to thank individually here).

All of the speakers interviewed for the Summit, to you we give you our warmest heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom & your passion with all of us, and more importantly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the good that you have been doing in the world with the particular work that you do. You are all immensely appreciated.

Though we won't thank each of the 33 people individually here we would like to highlight a few individuals for whom we are extra grateful for.

First and foremost "Bad Kitty Smiles" deserves a tremendous amount of gratitude. Despite her own significant health and overwhelming personal challenges she has VOLUNTARILY provided for you all here an unbelievable amount of her time & energy in creating the videos presented for you on the peak day of the Summit, day 5 (which was on 4/20). She has worked for months filming & editing these videos which surely must be of great benefit to many of you. She recently told me that a part of the reason that she was doing this was to leave a legacy for all of you. This is her gift to the world. Please learn from her videos, make use of what you learn, and share these videos with others. Please email her at to share with her your love & adoration, expressing your gratitude for her gift. Since she provided the Summit the "Cherry-on-top", we will be mailing her a premium "Cherry" Magic Flight Launch Box as an honorarium token of our appreciation, as well as other gifts from our sponsors, but no thing could possibly convey the immense gratitude in our hearts for Kitty.

Rick Simpson deserves not a showering of gratitude, but rather a torrential downpour. What he has done for the world demands great respect, and also his contribution of his time with the Summit has our utmost gratitude. Not only has be done the longest interview with us, sharing a vast amount of valuable words, but he's done it twice! The majority of the first epic length interview was lost, and without a moment of anything but a positive golden attitude he suggested that we do it all over again. The current leader of the Cannabis Movement, receiving the baton after Jack Herer's passing, and having cured ("allegedly", for legal reasons) more people of cancer than probably any oncologist ever did, this great man truly deserves everyones' ultimate gratitude. We will be sending a "Flower of Life" Magic Flight Launch Box as an honorarium token of our appreciation, as well as other gifts from our sponsors.

There are several more people that I'm tempted to single out for a mention of gratitude, but I shall restrain myself to just one, but it is tough because I really love you guys! Lincoln Horsley deserves an honorable mention. Sort of like a junior Rick Simpson, he has a heart of gold (perhaps due to being a son of a minister), and he is helping people with cancer in person and online at his fantastic web resource We have formed a friendship, have started a new project together, and also he personally inspired me in a few significant ways. Thank you for being a part of the Summit Lincoln! For the many others interviewed & part of the Summit, please know that you were all enjoyed and deserve the deepest of gratitudes too.

Though somewhat awkward I shall express gratitude here to myself, Bobby, since no one else will. Normally at a conference event someone would make mention of the founder of the event, but since I literally put on this entire event myself there is no one really here to step forth to make the announcement. Yes, that is right, I have created this Summit, interviewed all the speakers, edited, wrote, and put everything together, single-handedly. For next year (2014) I definitely want more help, as I have visions on how to make this event even better, but I can't do that alone. Anyhow, I politely thank myself for the countless hours devoted to creating this entire event from passion for the plant & the desire to contribute something positive to the world. But I also thank my wife, for without her this wouldn't have happened. I am also doing this for my children, and all the children of the world, to leave them a better world (in hopes that hemp can help heal it). If you would like to share your gratitude with me, Bobby, I welcome your email sent to

I would also very much like to thank our sponsors for everything that you've contributed, and to the manufacturers that sent in their products for us to review and share with everyone at the Summit. Thank you to Royal Queen Seeds, Weed World Magazine, Titanium Deviations, Forbidden Leaf, Green Leaf Medical Clinic, CTS Innovators, Magic Flight, Vapor Brothers, Jake's Fertilizer, Cannitrol, CannaCig, and Ed's TnT. To the manufacturers who sent in products to review, thank you for trusting that this was a legitimate project (obvious now that it was), and that I wasn't trying to score a freebie.

Tribute to Peter McWilliams

Julia - Loves Peter's Books -
Julia contacted us offering to be interviewed to share a tribute in the memory of the late Peter McWilliams (1949 - 2000). What a fabulous idea! Thanks to her we now plan to have a tribute as a regular feature each year at the Summit (for 2014 we intend to honor Jack Herer). Julia travels to various cannabis conferences & events across the United States and Canada sharing her tribute for the man she obviously has a tremendous respect for, and she does this all despite the fact that she never met him (he passed away about a decade before Julia even heard of him), and she is a marijuana "virgin" (she has never used the herb, but is strongly in support of cannabis). Julia shares her story of how she was touched by Peter's words, and how it led her to reviving Peter's memory by taking over the website, then further spreading the word about this great man. Peter wrote over 40 books during his life, including numerous titles in the field of "Personal Growth" (aka "Self Help"), which we put emphasis on during the interview since some of his titles may help some of you. He has a series of Life 101 books, providing insights into important life issues, love, wealth, and others. He dealt with depression in several of his books, providing excellent strategies on how people can better cope & overcome their depression. He was extremely impressed with hypericum (St. John's Wort) and wrote a whole book on how this cheap & easy available herb can help people with depression better than pharmaceuticals. Towards the end of his life Peter became a prominent cannabis activist due to learning about the benefits of cannabis to treat his HIV / AIDS and lymphoma cancer. His first puff of cannabis was a miracle for him, it led to him putting a significant focus upon cannabis, and he became quite vocal as an advocate. He even published, with Todd McCormic, "How To Grow Medical Marijuana", and other writings on the subject. He was targeted by the DEA for his outspoken opinions, and Julia touches upon these things during the tribute interview. Unfortunately Julia was a bit under the weather for our call, but she boldly proceeded. If you haven't heard of Peter McWilliams before then hopefully she will inspire you to seek out some of his books, and if you do then her mission will be accomplished - of keeping his memory alive & his books in active use towards further helping to inspire even more people with his insights.


Amanda Hitt

Amanda Hitt - Survived Breast Cancer & Lives! - Running With Shiva & OLM2013
Amanda is recognized (by several organizations) as being an "outstanding advocate" for Cannabis, and she is involved with numerous projects & groups. She is even one of the speakers for the upcoming Medi-Cup in San Diego. Her beaming extroverted personality shines to illuminate for us the truth about how Cannabis can be of incredible benefit to us all. But she also passionately points out other incongruencies between known carcinogens, and our reckless use of those chemicals in our foods, medicines, cosmetics, and environment. Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009 but confirmed clear of cancer by an MRI earlier this year, she has been a peer review panelist, which is a nominated position of the CDMRP. This cancer organization of the Department of Defence is doing a lot of cancer research, and she shares some of what she has learned by being involved with them. Amanda has an effervescent personality, is quite the social butterfly, and she involves herself in numerous groups & projects pertaining to cancer and cannabis. She has already been helpful, completely voluntarily, supporting the Summit event, and with her abundance of connections it seems that she might single-handedly refer half of next year's speakers! Considering how connected & involved she is, it would definitely be worth following her on her active social media portals, which she does all from the belief that "together we are stronger".


Shayne Metcalfe - "Bad Seed"

Shane Metcalfe - Filmmaker Shot Cannabis Doc - Bad Seed
We got a very last minute opportunity to interview filmmaker Shayne Metcalfe as he discusses his current project of producing a new cannabis documentary titled "Bad Seed". Originally hired to produce videos for a cannabis fertilizer company, he quickly came to learn that cannabis wasn't the dangerous drug that he's believed it to be all his life, and soon came to question why cannabis is illegal in the first place. That question became the premise that launched his new video documentary project that took him around the country to interview cannabis experts in search for enlightening answers. The movie will be released in the summer of 2013, but here you may watch a couple of previews, and listen to him share even more during the interview. Article about "Bad Seed" documentary (PDF)


Honorariums, Gifts & Prizes

We are extremely grateful to a few suppliers for generously contributing items to be gifted to speakers as honorariums, and a few items to be used as additional gifts and/or prizes.
The following product manufacturers have offered several products to be shared with a few of the Summit speakers, not all of them (due to costs & inventory). We will select a few speakers to receive one of these great products, loosely chosen based upon likely relevance of the product for the individual.


Missed Speakers

This content will be available soon
There are a number of people that were invited to be Summit Speakers that ended up not being here. Some of you have asked what happened to some of them, or why they aren't speaking? Here is shared the answer to some of those questions. The short answer is that we didn't receive a reply back from some of those people / organizations, and honestly, there are a few that we dropped the ball on, and to them we offer our public apologies. Hopefully some of the people we missed this year will still become speakers for next year.


Summit Closing, Thanks, and Plans for 2014

Bobby, the founder of the Summit, shares a few closing words to end the Summit. He explains how all this content is to now remain online so that people may still access this information, and why this is important. He discusses next year's Summit event, 2014, and invites YOU to participate. He thanks the Summit participants, and shares a few parting words.


Suggest a Speaker for Next Year 2014

Know of someone who should be a speaker at the 2014 Summit? Perhaps you yourself are someone who should be? Please nominate others (or yourself). Simply send us an email nominating the person (put "Nomination" in the subject line), why you think they should be considered, and if you have contact information for the person then please include that as well.
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Some of our speakers have great books & other awesome goodies. We recommend you get their books because they are interesting, but also to support them for the incredible work that they've done for our beloved plant.

Matt Mernagh's Book - Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook
"Cannabis Champion
of the World!"

Buy Matt Mernagh's book to support what he did for the cause.About Him

Must read of the year! Read Martin Lee's "Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana". Fascinating & should be read by everyone passionate about legalizing cannabis.About Him

Rastafari - The New Creation - Barbara Blake HannahListening to Marley & wearing Rasta colors? Read Barbara Blake Hannah's book "Rastafari - The New Creation" to understand what Rastafari really is and to respect the Jamaican culture. One Love! About Her

"Bad Kitty Smiles" is currently producing a video series teaching how to make her incrdible medibles. Watch the main video for free at the Summit, and then get her DVD to learn even more! About Her

Get one of ElectoPig's cool Pot Copper coins! Great gift idea too. About Him

Canadians! Stop wasting time trying to get your MMAR. Call them first.About Them

Buy Rick Simpsons Book and support the incredible work that he is doing. Watch this video of him talking about his new eBook: About Him

Important Stuff

Please take the time to watch this video from Rick Simpson. This should be common knowledge!!! Share this video with anyone you know dying of cancer, or suffering from other illnesses.

Read this blog post by ElectroPig. It explains, quite well The Fallacy of the "Legalize and Tax Cannabis" initiatives