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Asking You For YOUR Money?

You know that feeling you get walking down the street and you're approaching a person you know is about to beg you for some spare change? You know that feeling you get when your friend or relative that always "borrows" money asks you, again, for a few bucks?

Well guess what... we don't want you to feel that way with us!

That's right, and so you know, we're not asking you to help us pay the bills, the salaries, or even fund the luxurious tropical holidays we'll take to relax after the Summit is over. Heck, even though we would appreciate a bouquet of cannabis flowers as thanks for what we have provided you, we are not asking for that either (seriously though, please do NOT mail us nugs).

So let's keep things completely clear between us. We welcome you freely to this site with no monetary expectations from you whatsoever. Notice we're not even trying to sell you anything (except one little thing, which is completely optional).

But there is a catch, and a single string attached. Here is the deal, the price of admission to this Summit, if you will. Just read this page, and do what it says. That's it.

Ok, so now you might be curious from all this. How do we pay the bills, the salaries, or even take those budget trips to palm infested beaches? There must be a way that we're making money from all this, right? Yup. There sure is, and we're telling you so that you're not left coming up with conspiracy theories about us, dreamin' up how we're just greedy goblins conniving ways to hoard up money from you. Ooooh, maybe it's a scam! So here it is. Are you ready? We're selling advertising space. Just like your favorite magazines, radios, websites, and TV stations do. It's worth mentioning that they pay a fixed price (not per click, except for the Google adsense, if we put them on), so there is no financial interest to us whether a million people click on them or none, just to get that possible objection out of your minds. We may do tiny little things to "monitize" a bit, such as affiliate linking to Amazon from our book reviews. That's how come we can afford to put this event for you at no cost, pay our bills, and even afford to buy something dank. In the words of Jodie Emery, this is how we can afford to be activists.

Ok, so now you know how we're making our money. Hopefully all this awkwardness is behind us, and you know we're not hitting up on you to give us money or anything. Knowing all this surely you'll now be ok with spreading the word about this site to spread the message that marijuana is great, and ought to be legalized.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about that one "thing". Yes, we will have a product that you may purchase from us. You're probably thinking "this is how they'll make their killing". Well the product will be a physical CD (or a downloadable copy) of the entire Summit. It'll be cheaply priced too. Before your brain jumps to any sinister conclusions let me point out to you the reason for this. Some people don't have adequate internet to enjoy the speakers. Perhaps some people might want to have an electronic copy to pop onto their MP3 players to listen to while driving or something. Perhaps some people just love us so much they're looking for a way to send a few bucks, and will just buy it as a way to say thanks to us, and to those people, we thank you :)   Please note that we may in the future decide to add other products or even partner up with someone for something, however at time of this writing we have nothing cooking in the background on this.

Ok, ok, ok, now you're probably jumping to the conclusion that after the Summit that we're gonna remove the Summit content so that you're forced to buy our archive copy of the event. Not true. Because we feel that the information from the Summit is soooooooooooooooooooooo important to be accessible to the world we're gonna leave it all up on the Internet, free to watch by anyone (of legal age). So you might be wondering, why would someone buy a copy when they can access for free online? Everyone has their own reasons, as mentioned above. "Couldn't I just rip a copy myself?" Despite the violation of copyright, honestly we're not concerned about that at all. If you wanna go to the trouble to rip everything yourself, go right ahead, you even have our blessings. But if you wanna save yourself hours of time you could just get the nicely bundled version from us for a measly few bucks.

Now one last word about the advertisers. They are in business to make money from you, but let's rephrase that in another way. They are in business to serve you by providing you top notch marijuana equipment so that you may enjoy your happy medicine in a better way. If you wanna go ghetto and roll up some aluminium foil to MacGyver a makeshift pipe, then go right ahead. But if you fancy the notion of smoking out of a glass bong, or vaporizer, or some other nice piece, then unless you have the skills and materials to craft your own quality gear, you might want to get something nice from the merchants advertising on this site.

We suggest that you click on all the advertisers and really explore what they have available. There is plenty to learn even from their sites. And face it, "window shopping" for pot stuff... it's a lot of fun!!! Please buy from our advertisers because by you supporting the people who support us is like you indirectly supporting us. Thank you.

Now if you are really wealthy and really really really wanna give us some money to say thanks for what we're doing (or to better fund other projects) then we will gladly accept, and cash!, your checks mailed to the address on the contact us page. We thank you in advance :)
Thanks To Our Sponsors For Making This Event Possible
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Speakers' Stuff

Some of our speakers have great books & other awesome goodies. We recommend you get their books because they are interesting, but also to support them for the incredible work that they've done for our beloved plant.

Matt Mernagh's Book - Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook
"Cannabis Champion
of the World!"

Buy Matt Mernagh's book to support what he did for the cause.About Him

Must read of the year! Read Martin Lee's "Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana". Fascinating & should be read by everyone passionate about legalizing cannabis.About Him

Rastafari - The New Creation - Barbara Blake HannahListening to Marley & wearing Rasta colors? Read Barbara Blake Hannah's book "Rastafari - The New Creation" to understand what Rastafari really is and to respect the Jamaican culture. One Love! About Her

"Bad Kitty Smiles" is currently producing a video series teaching how to make her incrdible medibles. Watch the main video for free at the Summit, and then get her DVD to learn even more! About Her

Get one of ElectoPig's cool Pot Copper coins! Great gift idea too. About Him

Canadians! Stop wasting time trying to get your MMAR. Call them first.About Them

Buy Rick Simpsons Book and support the incredible work that he is doing. Watch this video of him talking about his new eBook: About Him

Important Stuff

Please take the time to watch this video from Rick Simpson. This should be common knowledge!!! Share this video with anyone you know dying of cancer, or suffering from other illnesses.

Read this blog post by ElectroPig. It explains, quite well The Fallacy of the "Legalize and Tax Cannabis" initiatives