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Why This Summit?

We believe that now is the time for worldwide legalisation (bit by bit), and now that millions & millions of people are beginning to seriously look at all the facets of cannabis it is important to disseminate quality information.

But why an online summit?

By hosting a summit physically anyplace on Earth would surely draw a large crowd of people, however it would still only represent a tiny percentage of the people who would like to attend but simply can not travel to the physical summit location. By being presented online now anyone in the world with Internet access may attend the online Cannabis World Summit. Furthermore, being accessible for free makes this summit accessible to even those who could not afford even a meager price for admission. Due to the importance of this annual event it is intended to always remain free. Yes, there are huge costs to put on this event, so we do provide advertising spaces (much like vendors at any conference), but we are not begging for money. Rest assured that unlike commonly done by media (ie magazines, TV, etc) we will remain unbiased in our opinions. We do expect to turn a profit and intend to use a portion of the profits towards furthering Cannabis awareness projects, and possibly towards valid research, which is so sorely needed to validate the anecdotal value of medical marijuana so that doctors may accept marijuana as a valid alternative to some of the currently prescribed medications.

More Than Medical:

( Legalization - Growing - Medicating - Recreational - Industrial - Spiritual - Entertainment - Articles & More )

Anyone who is using cannabis for some ailment already knows that it is truly a miracle plant, and of course there will be speakers at the Summit explaining how good it is for painful conditions along with explanations of how it may be used to get those marvellous effects (smoking a joint is not necessarily the best method). Though other facets of cannabis will be featured at the Summit, the medicinal aspects are still the star of the show. The greatest obstacle to legalization is ignorance, and once the average person mentally realizes that marijuana could help them with their own health challenges then they begin to think differently. Almost every other person has something that cannabis could help with, like minor forms of arthritis, back pains, depression, insomnia, headaches, PMS, etc., and there are also plenty of people with more severe problems that are praying for some miracle, not knowing that it exists and can be so easy to get. Most of us adult users who started later in life share essentially the same story - initially thought that weed was bad, then heard that it could help with our owies, tried it & got relief, noticed that there were no negative side effects, noticed that it is the most effective alternative to the dangerous pain killers we may have been taking, came to the conclusion that everything we previously believed about marijuana was wrong, and then became advocates for legalization. Again, during the Summit we will explore other aspects of cannabis, but the medicinal component is what really matters to most people.

Industrial Hemp

Hemp (which is just another name for cannabis or marijuana, not some different plant) is undisputedly the most valuable plant in the world
, far more important than wheat, corn, trees (for lumber & paper), cotton, and any other agricultural commodity. There is no single plant on Earth with anywhere near the number of industrially and commercially viable uses. Some eye opening information along these lines will be shared at the Summit, including how hemp may help towards healing the world (yes, really).

Recreational Marijuana

What about recreational use? In recent years the term "medical marijuana" has exploded in usage. This is a good thing because it has become the proverbial "foot-in-the-door" for legalization and public acceptance. However many millions of people use marijuana (discretely) for recreational purposes just like others use alcohol (overtly) for recreational purposes. Considering that marijuana is far safer (you can not die from overdosing on marijuana, but about 80,000 Americans die every year from excessive alcohol use (CDC stats)), far less harmful (alcohol destroys the liver, among other negative effects), it induces peace whereas alcohol leads to violence & damages families, and the recreation effects are more pleasant than the depressant alcohol, it is no wonder that many prefer marijuana to alcohol. One more noteworthy point is that it has recently been scientifically declared that alcohol, NOT marijuana, is the so called "gateway drug". Perhaps soon rather than seeing people wearing Bud Light (beer) shirts, they'll be see with Light some Buds slogans. At the Summit there will be a stream of presenters unashamedly focusing on the recreational aspects of marijuana. This will surely be a very popular part of whole Summit, as there will be some fun entertainment too!

Growing Cannabis

Interested in growing your own? There is nothing quite as satisfying as blazing your own home grown weed. Did the weed you last bought on the streets ever look as good as this homegrown pictured here? Commercial growers aim to grow fast & heavy, but the home grower can enjoy exotic connoisseur quality buds. Also, different strains are better for different kinds of pain, and while on the streets your choices are reminiscent of Henry Ford's choices for car colors, if you're in control then you can grow the strains best suited for your individual needs. If you are legally allowed to grow (or hopefully you soon will be - please wait until it is) then you need to learn how it is done. It really can be quite easy (it is a "weed" after all), but there are definitely some things you need to know (there is more to it than putting a pot next to a window). Experienced growers will share their knowledge on how to grow some drool-inducing flowers, how to clone, train, trim, cure, and everything you need to know in order to go from seed to stoned.

Legalization Efforts

There are heroes and martyrs in the cause to end the prohibition on this miracle plant. We will let you hear from some of the great peaceful warriors, update you about the crumblings of the great walls opposing us, and perhaps even inspire you with ideas of how you can contribute (safely) to the greater good. The United States must realize that it is in a quagmire, and ironically, in the great war on drugs it is the potheads who are winning!

Spiritual Sacrament

Spirituality? Cannabis is believed to be the oldest spiritually significant plant to humanity. Many consider it to be the "Tree of Life" and written about in the Bible as the Holy Anointing Oil used even by Jesus. Shamanically it is considered a "Teacher Plant", and even to this day it is considered to be a Sacrament to various Religious & Spiritual groups (ie. Rastafari, Hinduism, and prominence in Islam, Buddhism, and others). Many are aware that cannabis opens the mind to making out-of-the-box thinking connections, and that it augments meditative practices. Used with the proper respect cannabis is an incredible entheogen, a tool for spiritual growth, and even simply as a tool for self-realizations. Be sure to attend these talks at the Summit for some mind-expanding enlightening information.


Let us entertain you! We intend to feature artwork & music produced by pot-inspired artists, which should be enjoyable to you particularly if the experience is enriched by being high while enjoying the entertainment. Hopefully we could get some comedians to speak up too.

Product Reviews

We will provide a few product reviews & some great how-to information. Each year the Cannabis World Summit will review certain kinds of products that might be of interest to the Summit attendees. This year we have some great reviews and how-to articles in the works, but we're keeping it hush until the summit to give you something to look forward to. Please note that even if the products are supplied by the manufacturers, and even if they sponsor the Summit with advertising, our reviews will be completely unbiased opinions. We intend to emphasize the positives of the devices without harping on being negative, and hopefully the reviews will be beneficial to help you select which is most appropriate for you. Furthermore, the "how-to" articles will compliment the reviews by providing relevant tips & tricks, and other great things worth knowing to be a more sophisticated cannabis connoisseur.
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Speakers' Stuff

Some of our speakers have great books & other awesome goodies. We recommend you get their books because they are interesting, but also to support them for the incredible work that they've done for our beloved plant.

Matt Mernagh's Book - Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook
"Cannabis Champion
of the World!"

Buy Matt Mernagh's book to support what he did for the cause.About Him

Must read of the year! Read Martin Lee's "Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana". Fascinating & should be read by everyone passionate about legalizing cannabis.About Him

Rastafari - The New Creation - Barbara Blake HannahListening to Marley & wearing Rasta colors? Read Barbara Blake Hannah's book "Rastafari - The New Creation" to understand what Rastafari really is and to respect the Jamaican culture. One Love! About Her

"Bad Kitty Smiles" is currently producing a video series teaching how to make her incrdible medibles. Watch the main video for free at the Summit, and then get her DVD to learn even more! About Her

Get one of ElectoPig's cool Pot Copper coins! Great gift idea too. About Him

Canadians! Stop wasting time trying to get your MMAR. Call them first.About Them

Buy Rick Simpsons Book and support the incredible work that he is doing. Watch this video of him talking about his new eBook: About Him

Important Stuff

Please take the time to watch this video from Rick Simpson. This should be common knowledge!!! Share this video with anyone you know dying of cancer, or suffering from other illnesses.

Read this blog post by ElectroPig. It explains, quite well The Fallacy of the "Legalize and Tax Cannabis" initiatives